Cagliari Port 2020

Cagliari Port 2020

The CagliariPort2020 project aims to build a system able to effectively cope with the forthcoming increase in vehicles, goods and passengers, by the development of a general methodology for managing the interface between the city and the Port system in terms of logistic hubs, including both the issues related to the movement within the port area as well as the issues related to passengers and goods flows – inward and outbound – throughout the city gateways. According to this vision, CagliariPort2020 aims at solving the problems of integration of the three main hubs: the metropolitan area of Cagliari, the industrial port (goods), the historic port (passengers).

With this purpose CagliariPort2020 envisages a strict collaboration with local stakeholders, in particular with the Cagliari Municipality and the Authority of the Port, who have already expressed their commitment at the time of the project submission. During the project activities the following stakeholders will be actively involved:

  • the Department of Tourism of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia;
  • Sogaer, the Cagliari-Elmas airport concessionary;
  • the logistic operator Grandi Trasporti Marittimi;
  • the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari;
  • the Association of the South-Sardinian Manufacturers (Confindustria della Sardegna Meridionale).

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budget: 1.85 M€

funded by: MIUR

duration: 2015 - 2018

research area: IoT research area

principal investigator: Daniele D. Giusto