Daily Archives: 14 February 2017

area: IoT research area

degree: Triennale

type: Ricerca

tutor: Michele Nitti

summary: Triennale. Ricerca.

Multimedia Broadcasting Home entertainment systems are evolving in size and sophistication, delivering new levels of experience and adventure to consumers. Home Entertainment has expanded to become a true indoor electronic playground for children and adults alike, with systems incorporating large-screen displays, gaming consoles, audio equipment, and docking stations. Often a […]

Multimedia Broadcasting

5G Communications The demand for video services in mobile networks is rapidly increasing. It is expected that video will account for more than 69% of mobile data traffic by 2018. For this reason group-oriented and on demand services will play a key role in the future wireless systems, posing new […]

5G Communications

TVWS Communications The home wireless networking is booming thanks to the rapid progress of wireless technologies and adoption of broadband. Next generation smart homes consist of a wide range of devices that will have radio receivers to enable control, monitoring, and easy configuration. Since most of these devices operate in […]

TVWS Communications